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Value stories – communicating values at scale in a memorable way 

7 lessons learned using Management 3.0 practices 

Over the past two and a half years I have been experimenting with various Management 3.0 practices as a licensed Management 3.0 facilitator. I guess I have always had the mindset, and I always thought that the underlying principles were key, but seeing it bundled together had a huge impact on my thinking. Since one of the key concepts is to learn faster and to run experiments, that’s just what I did. Some of the practices worked like charm, some we adapted and some we put away after trying them out. 

So, without further ado, here are my lessons learned: 

What is it? 

So you want your team to work better together. You believe that consistent behaviors increase the team spirit, coherence and effectiveness. You believe that you actually share a number of common values. How do you make these unconscious values part of your everyday life? How do you scale your values? That’s where value stories come in. Stories where a common value (e.g. integrity) come to life. Stories where difficult decisions needed to be made  -and they were made based on a common set of values.  

Why is it useful? 

„Our values“ written on the company website is marketing without substance. „Our values“ without concrete, specific examples is bla bla and nobody cares. But strong values and consistent behavior will lead to stories that are told throughout the company. And these stories will be so strong that the behavior will be adapted by all team members.  

How did I experiment? 

I started the first experiment about two years ago. We formed a new team, we brainstormed about our purpose and we agreed on a common set of values. That was the easy part. And while I do believe that we act in accordance to our values, we’re not good at tying our actions back to our values. 

The second experiment is a bit larger. We wanted to elaborate and define the values for a team of about 130 people. Both the as-is values and the to-be values. Since we didn’t want to brainstorm with 130 people, we asked who wanted to design the future. And this time, we didn’t just define our values, but we gathered immediately stories that resemble our values. Real life. Our work. Our experience. And we actively share our values and stories, e.g. we talk about a specific value and story on every all-hands-meeting. 

What did I learn? 

The obvious: Defining values doesn’t work. Living by your values, communicating your values, illustrating how your values shape your decisions does work. Interestingly enough, it’s not that difficult. After all, those are your values. You just need to remember to talk about them more often, and putting this on the agenda of regular meetings is a simple reminder to do just that. 

More Information 

In case you want to learn more, I would recommend reading a book or two or attending a training: 


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